Feed Your Soul With Jonathan Burkett’s Finest Composition “Changes” On SoundCloud   Leave a comment

If you are an ardent lover of hip hop music and also find R&B genre as soul searching music, listen to the motivational compositions of Jonathan Burkett. The Miramar Based artist make beats for his people and want to give a refined identity to his individual brand because he truly deserves it. The track “Changes” is an exemplary composition of Jonathan Burkett that is now available for streaming on soundCloud. Hip hop and rap music lovers listen to this track and feel the inspirational attributes of the most vibrant genre under the sun.

Jonathan Burkett is a star today. But he has experienced many tuff situations in his life time. Be it undergoing physical ailments or not getting a mother’s love, Jonathan has a strong soul today because he has been through negligence, tuff situations and isolation. Besides being an expert musician, rapper and lyricist, he has penned down a book titled “Neglected but Undefeated”, an autobiography that gives a better glimpse of him. In terms of music he weaves each of his music pieces by pouring his soul and bringing together the essential elements of good lyrics and heart touching music. Some of his very popular tracks are “One Life” Feat Ambelique, “Crush on You” Feat Mykul Leeric and also more. Jonathan has worked with many artists and producers and also looks forward to expand his collaborations while releasing more of his tracks in the near future. All of his tracks reveal his struggle, passion and dedication to make his music an exemplary one.

The track “Changes” is one of the best compositions of Jonathan Burkett that features Polancapop. The track uses classic hip hop elements and conscious rapping lyrics that bridge a connection between the artist and listener. This inspirational track fuses R&B hooks that add an extra star to the track.

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Posted March 30, 2018 by Jonathan Burkett in Music Artist

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