‘Changes Feat. Polancapop’ By Jonathan Burkett is a Bouncy Hip Hop & Rap Track   2 comments

Jonathan Burkett’s latest single ‘Changes Feat. Polancapop’ takes hip hop & rap to another level. His music track is already viral and streaming on the gala.

Jonathan Burkett – ‘Changes’

MIAMIJune 30, 2018PRLog — Upcoming artist Jonathan Burkett launches his brand new single ‘Changes Feat. Polancapop’ which showcase his talents and skills as a song writer and a performer. Apart from dropping great musical pieces for his fans, he tells a story through his music which his fans can not only come to accept and embrace, but also connect with. This artist from Florida, United States has his own production house Upstormed Records. His positive and vibrant musicality is grabbing the attention of a lot of people. This spectacular artist aims to reach beyond the conventions of mainstream music and challenge the indie circuit and the commerciality in the music industry.

Jonathan Burkett’s latest track’Changes Feat. Polancapop’ feels like a modern day release but it quickly develops into a quirky fusion of styles and genres that stay true to the artist’s own way with music. This track showcases an electrifying musical backdrop with the flawless vocal performance which has an unbelievable level of delicacy. When it comes to lyricism, this track is very honest and open, equally dealing with the matters related to the heart and mind.

The title as well as most of the content of this track brings together modern language and poetic artistry in a casual but emotional manner. Eclecticism runs freely in this musical masterpiece and you get to have an understanding of the mindset of the artist and what his music represents for him. This track has a seductive and dark ambience and a very captivating rhythm. The leading voice of the artist presents different sides of character and individuality behind them. The switch from the impactful and theatrical rap verses to the gripping hooks and snares help to keep things interesting.

For his latest releases, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out his personal site https://jonathanburkett.com

Visit to listen this song ‘Changes’ by Jonathan Burkett :


Watch music video for ‘Changes ft Polancapop’ performed by Jonathan Burkett :



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